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Taber Industries - Materials Test and Measurement is a global leader for the design and manufacture of high quality, affordable instruments.  Used to measure the physical properties of materials, Taber instruments play a critical role in the way companies test the durability of their products.  Recognized worldwide, references to our products can be found in numerous international test methods.

Taber offers a variety of product and value-added solutions to help you make better measurements.  Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Products:  Taber instruments have come to be recognized as the industry standard.  In fact, the Taber Abraser is one of the world’s most widely used test instruments for determining the durability of material surfaces.  If you do not find the right product, contact us with details of your requirements.  Taber welcomes new ideas or improvements to existing products, and continuously reviews our product offering.  Perhaps we already have an innovative solution available!

Technical Sales & Application Support:  Taber Industries staff has the experience and the understanding to help satisfy your materials testing needs.  Our support staff is comprised of individuals with an extensive background in abrasives and a thorough knowledge of abrasion testing.  In addition, we utilize the expertise of our independent authorized resellers.  These combined efforts provide a high level of service to:

  • identify which instrument best fits your application
  • assist with the proper set-up and operation of the instrument
  • recommend established procedures or test methods

Technical Seminars:  Taber Industries offers a seminar on the practice of wear testing with the Taber rotary platform abraser.  Topics include the basics of wear & abrasion; proper instrument set-up; reducing variation; interpreting results; instrument maintenance & verification; and hands-on testing.  Bring your own samples and discuss a specific application with the trained experts.  To arrange a seminar at your facility or to inquire about our schedule, contact us today.

Repair & Calibration Services:  Qualified technicians repair and service all Taber products.  For additional information, contact our customer service department.

International Standards:  To enhance the quality and consistency of your product, it is standard practice that guidelines are followed to ensure proper testing.  Taber Industries is an active member of many industry organizations that are involved with the creation and publication of test methods & guides.  We can work together with you to establish a program that will supply the required test data needed to make informed materials performance decisions.