Part Number: 980503-1

Conduct 3-body abrasion tests with your Taber Rotary Platform Abraser. The Grit Feeder Attachment provides a controlled distribution of an abrasive grit particle (S-41) on the test specimen before it passes under leather wheels. The loose grit serves as an abradant and aids in the rolling action that contributes to the material breakdown. Includes: 1,300g hopper capacity; S-39 leather wheel set; S-38 standardization plates; S-41 #240 aluminum oxide grit; adaptor kit (nozzle and distributor). Connects directly to the Taber Abraser (sold separately). *PLEASE PROVIDE ABRASER MODEL NUMBER AT TIME OF ORDER*  DISCONTINUED INSTRUMENT - LIMITED QUANTITIES, WILL BE OFFERED UNTIL INVENTORY IS DEPLETED.

Product Type
Instrument The Grit Feeder Attachment is used in conjunction with the Taber Rotary Abraser (Abrader) to evaluate three-body abrasion caused by the destructive action of fine, hard particles. Originally referenced as the Frick-Taber test, this instrument has been used to determine the wear resistance of flooring products.