Brass Pins (60 pkg.)
Replacement brass pins for use with the Taber Multi-Media Abraser. ..

Stainless Steel Wear Discs (3 pkg.)
Replacement wear discs for use with the Taber Multi-Media Abraser. ..

Plastic Spill Tray
Replacement spill tray protects the aluminum specimen dish and allows for easy removal/cleaning of t..

Insert Dish, Plastic (2 pkg.)
Placed inside the Multi-Media Abraser aluminum specimen dish to contain test medium and help with cl..

Dish Cover, Plastic
Prevents evaporation of test medium, for use with Multi-Media Abraser...

Aluminum Specimen Dish
Used with the Taber Multi-Media Abraser to provide containment for the liquid sample and to support ..

Hi / Low Gear Set
Optional gear set for Multi-Media Abraser, for ratio modification 0.6:1 or 1:1.7. ..

Pin Holder
Replacement holder to securely hold brass pins (p/n 130315) in place during testing with Taber's Mul..

Operating Instructions - Model 5500 MultiMedia Abraser
Replacement operating instructions for Model 5500 Multi-Media Abraser...