Grit Feeder Standardization Plates, S-38 (10 pcs.)
Plexiglas standardization plates used to standardize S-41 abrasive for Grit Feeder. Each S-38 plate ..

Wheel Set, S-39 (Leather Clad)
S-39 Leather clad wheel set for Taber Rotary Platform Abraser - leather strip mounted to brass hub; ..

Abrasive Grit, S-41 (50 lb.)
Laboratory grade #240 Aluminum Oxide abrasive grit particles in resealable container (50 lb.). For u..

Abrasive Grit, Alodur ESK 240 (50 lb.)
Aluminum Oxide abrasive grit per EN 14354 (50 lb.), also refered as Alodur ESK 240. For use with Tab..

U.S. Standard #80 Sieve
Used to remove oversized particles from S-41 grit prior to use with Grit Feeder. ..