T-Slot Universal Table
Combines a large surface area with ease of mounting to allow for testing a wide variety of sample si..

T-Slot Specimen Clamp
For use with the T-Slot Universal Table (p/n 133336), the clamp provides a convenient way to hold a ..

Universal Specimen Table
A versatile specimen mounting system for the Taber Linear Abraser to test samples of all shapes and ..

Credit Card Holder
This holder features a recessed area for securely holding datacards in place. Semicircular finger ho..

Specimen Fixing Plate
Secure lightweight, flexible materials to the T-Slot Universal Table (p/n 133336) or Universal Speci..

Specimen Holder, Wide Slot
Secure flat, semi-flexible or flexible samples to the T-Slot Universal Table (p/n 133336) or Univers..