Crockmeter - Model 418
The Crockmeter is a manually operated rub tester that offers a 9N load and approximately 100mm strok..

Crocking Cloths (1000 pkg.)
50mm x 50mm pre-cut crocking cloth (1000 pkg.) ..

ISO Crocking Cloths (500 pkg.)
ISO cotton rubbing cloth also referred to as crocking cloths or crocking lawn, precut 50mm x 50mm (5..

Crocking Cloth Sheet
Crocking cloth sheet, 80 x 84 combed cotton lawn 48" wide x 36" long ..

Crocking Felts (100 pkg.)
Crocking felts, pre-cut 2" x 2" (100 pkg.) ..

Crock Finger, 16mm diam.
Replacement acrylic finger for Crock Meter Kit. ..

Spring Wire Clip (replacement)
Replacement spring wire clip for 16mm diameter crock finger ..

Polishing Paper
Polishing paper, 281Q 3M Wetordry® 2 nucrib gradem 9 1.2: x 11" sheets (3 ea.) ..

Crock Block Kit
Includes crock block finger attachment (19mm x 25.4mm) and 48" wide x 36" long crocking cloth sheet ..

Rubbing Adaptor C per DIN 55654
The Rubbing Adaptor "C" satisfies DIN 55654 and includes a 16mm post that can be used in place of th..

Operating Instructions - Model 418 Crockmeter
Replacement operating instructions for Model 418 Crockmeter. ..