Part Number: 980108-1

The Taber Torsional Stiffness Apparatus Model 108 is used  to measure the flexibility and stiffness of leather and similar materials.  A specimen is affixed to a weighted clamp secured at the bottom of a torsion wire.  A torsion head equipped with a dial protractor is turned in a plane normal to the torsion wire until the specimen has been twisted 90 degrees.  The angle of torsion reading is obtained from the dial protractor.

Includes a Remote Finger Control Knob to assist with testing.

Product Type
Instrument The Torsional Stiffness Apparatus has been employed to measure the relative stiffness of gloving leathers. Based on the design described in ASTM D2821, this instrument is useful in measuring the flexibility and stiffness of a leather or other bendable specimen.