Part Number: 985750-2

The Linear Abraser uses a free-floating head to follow the contours of the sample, curved or flat, permitting testing of finished products. This instrument offers testing versatility with adjustable stroke length, speed, load and abradants. Optional accessories are available to change the parameter being evaluated.

Includes: 250g auxiliary weight discs (3 each); CS-10 Wearaser (pkg. 10); H-18 Wearaser (pkg. 5); Wearaser depth gage / sharpener; S-14 refacing strips (pkg. 50); hex L-key tool; S-12 hand brush; fuses (2); and power cords for either 115/230V, 60/50Hz.

Product Type
Instrument The Linear Abraser has been engineered to test either contoured or flat surfaces, making it ideal to evaluate finished products of all sizes. To expand the versatility of this instrument, the Linear Abraser can be configured with optional test attachments to perform different types of abrasion tests. And can be used for both wet and dry testing.