Part Number: 986160

Also known as the Oscillating Sand Tester, specimens are mounted in a holder located in the bottom of a tray which is filled to a uniform depth with a standardized abrasive media. The tray reciprocates in a back-and-forth motion which causes the entire mass of the abrasive media to shift. Includes: 10" x 10" specimen tray with square specimen holder; 6/9 silica abrasive media (50 lb); spirit bubble level; specimen spacers (set of 8); specimen removal tool; 6 inch rule; power cords; mounting hardware; and operating instructions.

Product Type
Instrument The Oscillating Abrasion Tester is best known as an "oscillating sand tester". Described in ASTM F735, the tester is used to measure the relative abrasion resistance of a material to surface abrasion and / or marring. The primary application is for transparent materials and coatings utilized in windows and lenses.